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Leslie Browne

Dance Training: School of American Ballet, Kelly Brown, American Ballet Theater School

Performance/Company Affiliations: New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater

Choreographic Experience: American Ballet Theater Summer Intensive, Russian Ballet of Delaware, Alabama Ballet, the School at Steps, Kirov, Jacobs Pillow, ABT Studio Company

Teaching Experience: American Ballet Theater Summer Intensive, the School at Steps, Broadway Dance Center, NY Dance Alliance, Studio Maestro, various guest teaching

Other Relevant Experience: played "Emelia" in The Turning Point, played "Irina" in The Red Shoes on Broadway, played "Nadine" in the film Dancers, played "Ramola" in Nijnsky

Class Description: Advanced Ballet training for professionally motivated students. We focus on strength, building technique, improving movement quality and refining quality of the technique. We also focus on bringing out individual artistry and performance qualities.