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Traci Finch

Traci Finch, originally from Utah, graduated from Brigham Young University with her BA in Dance. She is currently performing with New Chamber Ballet, and working on various projects in New York Ballet and Contemporary dance. She was recently one of the featured dancers in Trefoil, an original dance film set on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, and looks forward to its release. She has performed with Neglia Ballet, Ballet NY, Ballet Tucson, Connecticut Ballet, Eglevsky Ballet, Ballet Neo, Willow Oak Contemporary Ballet, Ballets with a Twist, and Legacy Dance Theatre. Recent projects have included performing with Lothar Hempel's film Mäusebunker at the Kitchen and in Some Dance Company's ENCORE performance by David Fernandez. Over the summer she worked with the Merce Cunningham Trust in learning segments of Locale.