Healthy Dancer Tips

July 2016

august-2016-quinoaWhat does it mean to have just a snack versus having an energizing snack? Having just a snack is when you snack not necessarily because you are hungry, but because you have idol time; when you are watching T.V. or stressed out. As dancers, it is vital we fuel our bodies with energizing snacks throughout the day. An energizing snack is one you eat to boost your energy before your next main meal. Eating energizing snacks are the best options that prevent us from feeling sluggish.

Are your wondering which options are the best snacks to provide energy without all the side-effects? Before indulging in any of the following snacks, ask yourself: have I had enough water today? Check out some tips on drinking water here.

Our Favorite Energizing Snack Options:


Quinoa is a great snack that you can arrange ahead of time for the week. The amino acids found in Quinoa will prep your body for any protein you may eat later in the day. It also contains a lot of Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Lysine to keep you and your muscles strong and lean and able to absorb other vitamins such as Calcium.


Greek Yogurt*

Greek Yogurt provides your body with proteins to repair and restore muscles. It also has Vitamin B12, good for a boost of energy and brain function. Pairing Greek yogurt with granola or fruit completes your healthy pyramid of protein, fat, and dairy!!

Here are some fun and healthy treats to add into your yogurt:

  • Granola / Trail mix
  • Fruits
  • Chia seeds / Flaxseeds
  • Honey

Energy Bars

Energy Bars are great for those nonstop days. The best options are filled with fiber and protein. Fiber keeps your digestive system on track by absorbing nutrients and processing your food, while Protein builds your bones and muscles. Eating energy bars like Kind: Dark Chocolate can help satisfy your chocolate cravings while Cliff: Sweet and Salty can help satisfy your sweet craving. What we love about energy bars is that you can buy them almost anywhere or even make them at home.

Try these recipes we love:
Chewy Granola Bars
Almond Blueberry Bars



Fruit provides amazing natural nutrients that keep you in motion and alert throughout your day. Fruit also helps keep you hydrated and full for a longer time period because they are made up mostly of water.

Check out what nutrients your favorite fruits provide:

  • Pineapples: Iron – helps you circulate oxygen throughout your body
  • Kiwis: Vitamin E – helps ready your body to absorb other nutrients you ingest/eat
  • Bananas: Potassium – Helps your muscle memory stay intact?

*Must be refrigerated

Fun Facts:
Dried Fruit are great for all day travel. You can replace dried fruits for chips. Even though the dried fruit may appear smaller than fresh fruit, they are still packed with nutrients!

Avoid These “Just Snacking” Pitfalls

august-2016-junkCandy may taste amazing but gives you a fast sugar rush leaving you craving for more. Too much candy can even lead to Diabetes. For the savory-lover, chips taste great, but even the “healthy” chips are full of oil and artificial flavoring that drag us down. Ever wonder why you want to take a nap after eating a big bag of chips? It is because of the energy your body is expending to digest ALL that fat.

Try our snack switch challenge.

Switch a “just snacking” snack for an energizing snack for 30 days.
Post about it. #snackswitchchallenge
Tell us your thoughts. #justsnacking