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August 2015

Many professional athletes cross train with alternate forms of exercise in order to keep their bodies healthy and in shape. Adding yoga and Pilates to your weekly schedule is a great way to cross train as a dancer. Not only will these other forms of exercise benefit your body, but they will also benefit your mind!

Gaynor Minden’s new Flexibility Band (91″ long) is a heavy-duty resistance band with a continuous loop that allows for hand assisted or hands-free stretching! Made with seamless wrapped technology for a smooth, comfortable surface.

Find yours at Gaynor Minden, 140 West 16th St.

Stay hydrated with School at Steps 25 oz. stainless steel water bottles. Perfect for school and dance class!

Find these at Steps en Corps Boutique, 2121 Broadway, 3rd Fl.

The pure minerals and essential oils used in Bunheads’ Muscle & Joint Anti-Inflammatory Gel are specifically targeted to relieve the muscle and joint pain dancers endure daily. Arnica, used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, provides a bonus therapeutic treatment!

Get this at Capezio at 201 Amsterdam Ave.

Get the perfect stretch with Grishko Extension Bands.

Purchase one at Grishko, 309 West 50th St. (2nd Floor).

Stretch out your bodies and center your mental energy with a yoga practice on Ivivva’s Stretch It Out Mat. Our mat is a great tool to work on flexibility and take care of your body after rigorous dance classes.

These are sold at Ivivva, 215 West 83rd St.

Bunion Care Supporters, available for both right and left feet ($16 each), provide compression and support with cushioning for your bunion.

Find your pair at Chacott by Freed of London, 20 East 20th St.

Let us know which items are your favorites and why you love them!