Getting a Dance Job!

On April 20, 2012 a panel of guest artists shared their knowledge with the School at Steps in part 3 of our Complete Dancer Series. The panelists discussed what it takes to be a working dancer in NYC. Below are some helpful tips they shared with us!

“There’s going to be enough ‘no’ in this world. Don’t tell yourself ‘no’.” –Tiffany Little Canfield, CSA, Telsey & Co.

“I’m always looking to see who has a real sense of confidence. Because then we can make something out of nothing. It’s so important to bring positivity to your audition” –Joshua Bergasse, Choreographer, “Smash”

“You have to be in great shape. Upper body strength, neck strength, leg strength. Work out, constantly cross train..” –Ruthlyn Salomons, Resident Dance Supervisor, Disney’s The Lion King

“How has the dance industry changed? There’s nothing they DON’T expect you to do. The good news is that there has never been more dance work.” –Lucille Di Campli, Director, McDonald Selznick Associates

Left to Right: Ruthly Salomons, Lucille Di Campli, Patricia Klausner, Tiffany Little Canfield, Josh Bergasse