#Healthy #Dancer #Tip

To be healthy, one must discover happiness.

Instead of succumbing to the winter blues, this month we are embracing the spirit of spring-cleaning! As dancers we already face high levels of stress, competition and the need to remain self-confident. Join us during the week of March 24 – 30 as we embrace inner well-being and flush out negative energy. This week, all of your online posting, tweeting, uploading, and sharing should be positive, encouraging and uplifting!

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Happy #Hashtag-ing!

1. #MotivationalMonday

We all know Mondays can be tough, but one way to jump start the day is through motivation! Share your favorite motivational quote today, either by a dancer/choreographer/teacher or just one you live by.
School at Steps’ Favorite:
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
– Anais Nin

2. #TransformationTuesday

Use today to set a dance goal for yourself – nail that triple, perfect your point, stretch into that split – and show off your progress! Keep it going week to week until you reach that goal!
School at Steps Transformation:
This year, Office Manager Amanda Cuoco did an amazing job renovating our office. With the new layout and white theme, the office is much brighter and efficiency has increased!

3. #WednesdaysWisdom

Impart words of wisdom with your followers, whether its something you created, from a famous dancer or a family member. Think of it as a mid-week pick me up!
School at Steps Wisdom:
“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”
– Martha Graham

summer time dance video

4. #ThrowbackThursday

We all love this one, but this #tbt, focus on finding a state of bliss. Pick a photo of a time where you were your best self, on or off the stage – happiest, in the best shape. Strive today to find that blissful feeling at least once today.
School at Steps Throwback:
Wishing of warm weather with the video of Summer Intensives 2013 (promo)

5. #FoodieFriday

Friday is all about food – healthy, protein-rich food for dancers. Tweet a photo of your best meal, or post the recipe for your healthiest snack.
School at Steps Recipe:
Quinoa & Black Bean Salad From Teen Cuisine by Matthew Locricchio

6. #STEPupSaturday

Have you STEPped up and done something great for someone else lately? Use today to brag about it, because sharing your generous actions can only be contagious!
School at STEPS, STEPS up:
After Hurricane Sandy, the school STEPped up by holding a coat drive for children in need.

7. #SelfReflectionSunday

Take 5 minutes today to relax (maybe through your favorite yoga pose) and reflect on your week – did you post and motivate yourself and others? Did you excel in the studio? Let us know how you feel looking back on your week.

School at Steps Satisfaction:
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