Love and Respect Your Feet

The School at Steps Health & Wellness Program launched The Complete Dancer Series on October 16, 2011 with The Pointe Shoe Workshop. The School at Steps invited experts to speak to dancers about foot care, pointe shoes, and injury prevention.

Check out these great tips!

Podiatrist, Dr. Brummer – ‘Dr. B’s tips on foot health’:

Stretching helps avoid many injuries. Do a good 5-minute warm up, then stretch, then do your routine and then make sure you stretch again after activity.

Be aware of your feet. Inspect them daily before and after activities for, splinters, redness, blisters, scaling skin, etc.

After long workouts dry your feet, spray with antiseptic, change your shoes and socks and bathe regularly

Pointe Shoe Fitter, Mary Carpenter:

Get the correct box shape in your pointe shoes. If your toes are tapered, get a tapered box. If they are square, choose a square shoe.

Do a plie in second position on flat for the length test. Toes should not be crunched and shoes should also not have any “growing room” – snug but not pinching.

When you rise ‘en pointe’ the shoe should follow your foot and feel supportive. Always have your teacher check your shoes before you stitch them up.

Master Teacher, Lisa Lockwood

Finding the right pointe shoe takes time. Different kinds of point shoes may work well at different times in your development as a dancer. As your foot and technique strengthen you will need a shoe that reflects that change.

Never wear a shoe that is dead. You can get an injury that lasts months from one day in a bad pair of shoes.

Take care of your feet. You need to use them after you finish your career!

Judy Weiss, Pointe Shoe Fitter

Your shoes must be taken out of your dance bag every night after using them. The shoes have to dry. It would be best to alternate 2 pairs of shoes. This way each pair has a longer time to dry.

One light toe pad is enough. With padding, less is better. Toes can be taped. Toe spacers and other accessories should only be used if necessary not because other students are wearing them.

Jennifer Stahl, Senior Editor, POINTE Magazine

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