Staying Hydrated/Avoiding Heat Exhaustion


August 2014

Summer Intensives can mean extra hot studios and additional sweating when you’re dancing 4-8 hours a day! This is the most important time to keep your body hydrated and to understand the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Follow the tips below to avoid overheating and maintain your body’s homeostasis (the body’s process to maintain a constant temperature)!

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1. Eat your water!


Choose foods with high water content. These are some options with 90+% water!

Veggies: tomatoes, celery, cucumber, radishes, cauliflower

Fruits: Watermelon, spinach, strawberries & cantaloupe

Recipe Idea: Pick a few of your favorite water-filled foods above and pair it with a protein or healthy fat, such as avocado, for a yummy snack or meal!

2. Hydrate, and hydrate often!

Start your day with 8-16 oz. of water to hydrate your body before you start to dance. The average dancer or athlete should be drinking between 5-10 oz. of water every 20 minutes of activity. Although this is a good basis to start with, it does vary based on age, weight, and height. Be sure to keep a water bottle with you in the studio to refill between classes.

Not a huge fan of water? Mix 1/3 sports drink with 2/3 water to add some flavor and energy to your water bottle.


3. Warming Up & Cooling down

We all know the importance of warming up correctly to avoid injury, but do we adequately cool down in order to avoid heat exhaustion? Replenish with electrolytes or use a cool compress on your ankles, wrists or back of neck if you’re feeling extra hot.

4. Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion

Nausea, headache and rapid breathing are beginning signs of heat exhaustion. Listen to your body and notify your teacher if things get too hot!