Steps Youth Programs Community Update

We’re excited to announce that on Monday, March 30th, we will launch our new SYP online class curriculum for our enrolled students.

While these classes will be geared toward specific levels in both our Pre-Professional and Kids & Teens programs, we encourage all students to participate in as many classes in as many different disciplines as they’d like!

The classes will be available in both live format via Zoom, and recorded format via YouTube. Classes uploaded to YouTube will be linked on the Steps Youth Programs Parent Portal. We encourage you to explore all of the YouTube playlists and take as many different classes with as many teachers as you can. Check back regularly as we’ll be adding new classes daily! Links and schedules for the live Zoom classes will also be found on the Steps Youth Programs Parent Portal.

At this time, Steps is scheduled to reopen on May 4, but this is subject to change based on direction from the Governor’s office. Once we reopen, we will begin working on providing as many live make up classes as possible, as well as credits towards future classes. That being said, we are currently switching to the online curriculum to enable all of our students to stay up to date in their dance training.

We’re looking forward to reconnecting with you back in the (virtual) classroom! Sending love and health to you all.

Best wishes,
Pam Levy – Youth Programs Director

Alexa Clint – Youth Programs Associate Director