Pre-Professional and Academy Program (ages 7-18, by audition)

The Steps Youth Pre-Professional program’s diverse curriculum provides outstanding and challenging training for successful and adaptable 21st-century dancers in a welcoming and nurturing environment. Graduates of our program flourish in the professional dance world and are among the top picks for elite college dance programs, conservatories, and dance companies, as well as commercial and Broadway work.

Dancers in our Pre-Professional Program work with world-renowned faculty in an atmosphere that promotes artistic excellence, strong technique and a sense of community. As stud ents advance through the program they are encouraged to find their unique artistic voices as they gain the building blocks for success, whether choosing a career in dance or in another field.

This year we are proud to introduce the Academy Program, which will enable dancers ages 13 and up from performing arts high schools and middle schools to access high-level classes within Steps Youth Programs, in conjunction with their academic school schedules.

Our programs will be completely virtual until it is safe and plausible to return to in person classes. Our Active Safety Plan will be included in your registration materials and includes many new protocols to keep you dancer safe and healthy, as well as our teachers, accompanists, and staff members. In-person classes will be offered as a hybrid so that you will have the option of continuing to take classes virtually.


Ballet, Pointe, Theater Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Horton-Based Modern, Pilates, Stretch & Strengthening, and Tap. Students must comply with course requirements specific to each level.


Students are placed via audition in one of nine levels, based on age and ability. Each level has its own set curriculum requirements.

Preparatory 1:
Ages 7-8
In Preparatory 1, young dancers begin to explore the foundations of ballet vocabulary, alignment, and placement in a nurturing environment that encou rages confidence, focus, and self-expression. The seeds of artistry are planted as the students study ballet, creative/contemporary dance, and tap.

Preparatory 2:
Ages 8-9
In Preparatory 2, students begin to focus on the lines and vocabulary of ballet, as well as build ing more strength and stability through an additional weekly class. Creativity and self-expression continue to be encouraged.

Preparatory 3:
Ages 9-10
In Preparatory 3, students dance for approximately six hours per week and deepen their understanding of dance techniques by enjoying longer ballet classes and adding a tap class to their curriculum.

Level 1:
Ages 10-12
In Level 1, preparation for pointe work begins for girls and boys explore more advanced allegro work. Emphasis is placed on correct alignment of the feet and ankles, as well as strength in the legs and core. Endurance is gradually built up by longer classes in ballet, and longer, more complex combinations with floor work in Contemporary.

Level 2:
Ages 11-13
In Level 2, girls begin pointe work and all s tudents are in classes for nine hours per week. A Theater dance class is added to expand the students’ ra nge of styles.

Level 3:
Ages 12-14
In Level 3, Jazz and Horton-based Modern are added to the students’ curriculum, in addition to their ballet and tap classes. Studen ts attend twelve hours of classes per week and are included in more performance opportunities within the program.

Level 4-6:
Ages 13-18
In Levels 4, 5 and 6 students enter the advanced levels of training, and study the full curriculum of styles. They continue to build their vocabulary of movement in preparation for high school, college, conservatory and performing auditions.

Academy Program:
Ages 13-18 with a minimum of four years of dance training
For advanced dancers looking for access to our high-level dance classes, but who can’t commit to our complete Pre-Professional schedule, we are now offering the Academy program. Dancers choose a minimum of 5 classes (maximum of 7) from within the Pre-Professional curriculum at their determined level. The Academy is recommended for students enrolled in performing arts high schools and middle schools, but all are welcome by audition. Academy students do not participate in end of semester performance opportunities.


Performance opportunities such as the Holiday and Spring Showcases, and community concerts throughout the city enhance each student’s experience in the Pre-Professional Program. Throughout the year casting directors, talent agents, and photographers contact Steps Youth Programs when they are in need of young dancers for film, theater, commercials and print.

Registration & Tutition


Students in the Pre-Professional and Academy Programs will be sent registration materials upon their acceptance into the program.

Registration Requirements

  • All classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Annual Registration Fee: $55
  • All registrations will be done online. We will not be accepting mailed forms or checks.

Registration is not considered final until payment has been processed.

Registration Fee – $55 (valid Sept – Aug)
Placement Class – $40


  • Full tuition will be refunded only if written notification from the parent is received 24 hours PRIOR to the first class. A 75% refund, less total cost of all classes taken, will be granted before October 10, 2020. No refunds will be granted after that date, unless the program has been cancelled. Registration and all additional fees are non-refundable.


Pre-Professional Program

Level Tuition Fee Total Price
Prep 1 $4,005 $4,060
Prep 2 $5,080 $5,135
Prep 3 $6,174 $6,229
Level 1 $7,144 $7,199
Level 2 $8,955 $9,010
Level 3 $9,299 $9,354
Level 4 $10,379 $10,434
Level 5 $10,589 $10,644
Level 6 $10,839 $10,894

Academy Program

Package Tuition Fee Total Price
5-Class Package $6,750 $6,805
6-Class Package $8,100 $8,155
7-Class Package $9,450 9,505

Looking to dance over the Summer? We offer Summer Intensives!