Pre-Professional and Academy Program (ages 7-18, by audition)


Pre-Professional Program (ages 7-18, by audition)
Academy Program (ages 13+, by audition)

Interested in joining us for the Spring Semester? Join us on Sunday, December 6 for our next Live Virtual Audition. These auditions, offered on Zoom, allow us to get a sense of your dance ability for program placement. You will need to attend both sessions for your age group.

Virtual Live Audition

Sunday December 6

Ages 13+

Ages 10-12

Ages 7-9
Please contact Alexa Clint to arrange an evaluation:

Dancers can sign up via Acceptd. Questions? Email

Video Auditions

Please view the following videos with combinations for your age group. Practice the combinations, film yourself dancing them, and then submit the videos via Acceptd.
Please note, we realize you may have to make your video within the confines of your home. Please do what you can safely.

Register and submit your videos through Acceptd.

Ages 13-18

Ballet: Jennifer Tinsley-williams

Theater: Al Blackstone

Ages 10-12

Ballet:Kelby Brown

Contemporary: Marika Matuszak

Ages 7-9

*For ages 7-9 this is more of an assessment to see if your dancer is interested in studying with us. We are looking for focus, enjoyment in dancing, and musicality rather than ability. This is also an opportunity for your dancer to see if they enjoy dancing at this level!

Ballet: Luke Muscat

Contemporary: Savannah Cobb

High School graduates, ages 18-28, please visit the Professional Training Programs at Steps on Broadway.