All dates are subject to change.
Parent Meetings, Mentorship Program Meetings and special events will be scheduled throughout the year.

2019-2020 Calendar
9/7/19 Pre-Professional Overture Party
9/8/19 Pre-Professional Audition
9/9/19 Pre-Professional Program Begins
9/10/19 First Steps Semester 1/Kids & Teens Classes Begin
9/10/19-9/16/19 Open House for First Steps/Kids & Teens
11/26/19-12/1/19 Thanksgiving Break
12/13/19-12/15/19 Pre-Professional Holiday Showcase & Tech
12/21/19-1/3/20 Winter Break
1/20/20-1/26/20 Parent Observation for First Steps Semester 1
1/26/20 End of First Steps Semester 1
1/27/20 First Steps Semester 2 Begins
4/12/20 Steps closed for Easter, no classes
5/18/20-5/24/20 Parent Observation for First Steps/Kids & Teens
5/24/20 Last Day of Class for First Steps/Kids & Teens
5/25/20 Steps closed for Memorial Day, no classes
5/26/20-5/31/20 Pre-Professional Spring Performance/Tech Week
6/6/20 Last Day of Class for Pre-Professional Program